Sunday, December 3, 2017


Welcome to Media Magis. This is my first post and I am planning on doing a lot more posts. My first few posts I think will be hauls/reviews of Brooks Brothers and Trader Joe's.  To give you an more of an idea of what Media Magis is (rather, what I think I want it to be) is a place of inspiration, hope and positivity with a realistic perspective that takes in life's difficulties, challenges, failures and rewards. On the lighter side, I do want to share with you my interests and passions, whether it be: cooking, diet, exercise, style, traveling, education, books, maps, gadgets and design. There are a lot more that I am not listing, but those are the immediate topics that come to mind. And going back to the heavier side, I want to bring an open and warm welcome to all that are struggling with any of life's challenges. I am particularly passionate about Ignatian spirituality and mindfulness. Also, I will dig deeper into the academic disciplines of philosophy, psychology, theology and spirituality. Well, I would like to be the first to say "Welcome" and thank you for joining!

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